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Album 2017
TM025 - Tenacity Music

Metal band from Switzerland.


releases September 27, 2019

Music by Voice Of Ruin
Lyrics by Randy Schaller
(c) & (p) 2019 Tenacity Music

Produced and recorded by Henrik Udd & Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Mixed and mastered by Henrik Udd
Cover art by Metastazis


all rights reserved



VOICE OF RUIN Nyon, Switzerland

Metal band from Switzerland!


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Track Name: Thanatophobia
Heaven and Hell I fuckin' don't care
Purgatory's my nightmare
Nausea and anxiety
Are both my enemies
Forgive me, don't accuse me
Forgive me, don't forsake me

When it's dark ghosts can feel my breath
I can see my own death
I'm going down, down the Styx
No one can conceive I'm fucking sick
I know everybody says I'm a heretic
I'm going down, down the Styx

Sick of these dark visions
Sick of this obsession
I'm sick
No one can help me and no one can save me

Days turn into weeks
Weeks turn into months
It's already the end, everybody dies someday
Evil disease or fear of death
Today I don't care anymore
The only way to get out is to wait for the light
The light will shine, don't ask me why
This sickness wasted all my life
And I'm waiting, I'm waiting

I'm waiting for this moment for so long
This action remains my only sin
Hades is awaiting me
Satan is taking me

Sick of these dark visions
Sick of this obsession
I'm sick
No one can help me and no one can save me
With this fear, I can't live
Sorry I prefer to leave
Track Name: Rotting Crows
The fire's falling from the sky
Crows fight the light
Locusts, dust and blackness
Days of darkness

When megalomania brings self-destruction
Purulent suppuration turns into a destructive infection
Rotten flesh in motion
Cadaveric decomposition
A whole civilisation condemned to this tragic transformation

This sickness infects the brain
Dead bodies everywhere
The sky is burning
Our world is suffering

This is the end of a reign
No more blood to drain
They relish our brain, nothing remains, nothing but worms and decay
With no emotion, they infect God's creation
No revolution, pray and run, it's a living dead invasion

Suffer in vain
Rotting crows fight the light
Track Name: Salem
Always hunted through the centuries
Thousands of accusations and executions
Blasphemy and medicine as only sins

Burned, drowned, killed
No mercy for witchery
No place to hide
No chance to fight
Superstitions and ignorance
Mass murder in the name of a religion

Don't judge them, they don't know what they say

Burn the witch, kill the scapegoat
Burn the church, kill the serpent

Forgive them, they raise their arms in fear

Walking alone on this path of shame
They all scream my name
I'm the one to blame
The pyre is awaiting me

I can feel this burning stake
And the fire won't stop me
They will burn everything but my sorcery

Track Name: Holy Venom
Loneliness is your weakness, influence is my fortress
I can be your confidant, your master and your God
I will give you love, power and a new identity
You will owe faith and allegiance to me, yes you will

Dedication is now your religion
Seduction is my manipulation

You are the outcast
They don’t understand you
I am the alpha
You are the martyr
They don’t consider you

You will praise your leader and remain my follower
Don't let them find and destroy your deepest desire
Just confess all your sins to our blessed community
Believe me, we will defeat the enemy

Self-destruction is your salvation
I offer you the holy venom
Consume it, accept your destiny
Bow down to me and venerate me

You're buried alive in this prison
One last single shot for your freedom
Let the poison run through your veins
It's the only way to break your chains

We are the outcasts
They don’t understand us
I am the alpha
We are the martyrs
They don’t consider you
Track Name: One Way Overdose
Killer and forbidden desire
Dangerous as a burning fire
This is a powerful need
Killing like an insidious enemy, growing like a seed

Listen, this is my addiction
Just give me one more injection

Tonight I break my habits
But should I cross the limits
Dependence is the law

Listen, this is my addiction
Just give me one more injection

Why did I take another dose
One way overdose
Death is so close
One way overdose

Sweat abound
Heavy legs, buzzing ears
I'm on the ground
No pain, just fear
Everything becomes dark
I think I'm losing control
Everything is black, I'm falling in this hole
I see nothing, I feel nothing, nothing and nothing

Where am I?
Am I dead?
Inhale, exhale
Track Name: Mass Grave
Is this the sound of the flagellants?
Devastating their flesh in fragments
Demonstration of piety or just human absurdity
Starvation and misery
All streets are empty
And full of dead bodies
Sickness of the century

Chills and fever
Black spots all over the body
Suffering, vomiting
Internal bleeding
Repulsive smell

Miasma or blasphemy
This is divine punishment
Holy desolation
Yersinia pestis
This is supreme punishment
Yersinia pestis

Black crosses on the doors
Condemned families
All killed by this infectious disease
Track Name: Suffer - Recover
Don't feel ashamed
You will always stay the same
Stop pretending
I swear you're not the only one
Don't look at them
They don't know what to say

Get out of depression
And fight your addiction
Suffering is the only key
Get out of depression
And fight your addiction
Suffer, recover, never surrender

You can't sleep anymore
I know your demons ask for more
Ask assistance, you're broken
Be patient and stay abstinent

Your dependence
Gives you more confidence
Sickness or illness?
They speak about brain disease

Your mind slowly becomes crystal-clear
Now it's time to face your fears
Suffer, recover
Track Name: Parasomnia
When night is falling
All fiends are killing
Monsters and dead souls are fighting
Hidden in the dark
They are the last shields
Protecting the Night King

Night terror
I can see blood on me
Release me, awake me
Paralyzed, I can't flee
This alternate reality

Haunted in my dreams
Surrounded by demons
It's just my imagination
Subconscious illusions
Dawn is my only weapon

I feel a bullet in my chest
Another night with no rest
Eyes wide open
End of the fiction
Track Name: Blessed Be The Fruit
No one can feel
No one can speak
This is a new society
Led by insanity

They want to slave my soul
They want to slave my body
Claiming all rights on me
Everything has changed
I've only one thing left
It's my right to think

They can get inside me
No more dignity
But they can't get in my head

My right to think

They steal my identity
This curse becomes my destiny
The seed is already part of me
I'm the servant

Can you see it growing?
Can you see it spreading?
My mission is to carry this fruit
Nine months is the countdown

They will take him away
I'm here only to serve
Give me back my liberty
Abolish this slavery

Abolish this ceremony
Abrogate this slavery

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